Music: The Master of Inspiration.

I really think that music is something that drives the world on. It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you listen to- be it heavy metal or Beethoven string quartets – music soothes you, inspires you, and makes you feel great.

For example, when you watch a movie you might not even notice the music all that much. But it’s there. A little helping hand making you feel like you are on that battle field, and King Theoden is addressing his speech to you… one of his faithful riders, (yes I love LOTR). The music draws you into the movie. It tears you in half with sadness, then slams you back together with heroic deeds, chivalry, and general badassery. And the music does not let you go, no it does not. It weaves you into a mood like a weaver weaves a tapestry. Good movies have good themes. That’s why someone will pay John Williams or Howard Shores a crazy amount of money to compose a musical piece. The theme is the movie’s soul.

And then on another entirely new note, no pun intended, there is good old hillbilly music. I have played the banjo for several years and there is definite satisfaction to putting your feet up on a chair and saying ‘hell no’ to musical posture. Banjo is in that stage where you can play old folk tunes on it or you can get fancy and play some genre bending tunes from Bela Fleck who has been nominated for Grammys in the most genres of any musician in Grammy history. And he plays banjo, yes.

Anyway I would encourage you to listen to whatever kind of music you prefer and think about how much it impacts you. Maybe write to the artists and thank them for their music. Whatever you do enjoy that music and enjoy life.


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