Sickness Can Lead to Happiness: An Okay Cliché

For the past few days I have been feeling under the weather. I really don’t like it when I have a cold, because it is annoying in so many different ways. First and foremost is the fact that you have to thoroughly blow your nose at least once every ten minutes, your ears are plugged, and pretty much all the holes in your head excluding your mouth (thank God) are so congested you feel like a walking coffin. Then of course you run out of tissue so your nose gets raw from so much contact with rougher toilet paper, and that leads to other things which lead to other things which all pretty much make your life harder. And colds can be the most annoying kind of sickness because you are not really exempt from anything because of your cold. If you have a fever you feel a lot worse but you don’t have to go to school, sports practice, and stuff like that. If you have a cold, not only do you have to go to these thing but you are expected to be at top performance unlike when you are injured or have something else that is considered a valid excuse.

So having a cold sucks, yeah that’s the drift. But there is hope and to give you that I’m going to pull out a cliché (hey it’s a cliché for a reason, it’s a popular constructive statement). If you were never sick or hurt, you would never know what it feels like to be healthy! So even though things might not be so great, sometime in the future  you’ll look back on this time laugh at your struggles, and think about how lucky you are to be happy in the present day.


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