“Tap in to the Flow”: An Awesome Quote from an Awesome Teacher

My wrestling season is coming up and as I am hoping to be varsity for the third year in a row I have of course started to do some conditioning. One thing I think is really funny about conditioning is the state of your body and your mind. When you first start running, doing pushups, or whatever you start doing first, your mind feels sort of viscous, like honey on a cold day, your body however feels ready for anything, full of energy. As you continue to exercise though, your body grows more and more tired and sore, and for some strange reason (adrenaline?) your mind seems to broaden into an all-encompassing, omniscient, organism while your body flops about in pain and suffering. I think this is a really weird feeling because of how your mind and body flip flop.

So I guess that this thing could work out for us. Say I have writers block, I can’t think of a single thing. Maybe I could go out for a run tighten my body and release my mind, when I come back I might have all kinds of different ideas about life, the universe, and everything (42 by the way). I think that exercising puts you in an entirely different kind of mindset where you are one with the trees, the dirt, and rocks, the steady trickle of a late winter stream. I think you really start to realize things… and, as my writing teacher who suggested that I start this blog would say, “Tap in to the Flow.” Or maybe he would just say, “Groovy Babes.”


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