Movies: Relating to Characters

Movies are pretty fun to watch and I think there’s a prominent reason why. There is of course the general awesomeness of the characters in the movie because they do cool logic defying things but I think the real reason we like movies is because we relate to the characters in the movie. We feel their sorrow and anger. We want them to succeed and luckily, as most movies are fictional, they almost always do. If they don’t we get pretty pissed.

I am actually rushing this post a bit so I can watch a movie before going to sleep. I remembered right before starting the film that I had forgotten to write. So I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. This will also explain the smaller post today.

So next time you watch another movie think about the director tries to make you care about the characters, how do they hook you. I will definitely be thinking about this as I watch Win Win.


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