Routines: Changing Things Up While Still Keeping the Same Timeline

Sorry about the fact that I have not posted for several days. I was at a beach house with no internet. Actually there was internet but it cost twenty bucks to use, just shows how people try to leech money out of you. Anyway I have been thinking about a new idea that I think I’m going to try. It involves routines. I remember once a few years ago when I was at my grandmother’s house, her friend was there with her daughter… (her friends daughter that is) who has a mental disability. Anyway one thing I learned from that visit is that people with some kinds of mental disabilities have set routines for each day in how they do things. It was rather confusing for my Grandmother’s friend’s daughter to be broken out of that routine. I was thinking about routines today and I thought it might be kind of nice to have a routine, there would be so much less stress and worry because you would have everything set up. Also you would not waste as much time on lounging because you would always know what to do next. Routines seem great.

However there is one large downfall of routines, If you do the same thing every day you won’t have any variety in your life and you will get very bored. So that’s when I had the idea. What if you had a routine but you executed each step of the routine differently each day. For instance, every day you get up at seven in the morning and go for a run. But maybe you run a different route every day so things will always be new. You could also do some things the same. Wake up at the same time with the same alarm sound. Anyway I will definitely be trying this and maybe I will post again later on how it works out.


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