The Power of Youth: A Meandering Train of Thought

Food is really good. It’s good in so many different ways. It tastes good, smells good, and it fuels your body. I think food is really important because if you don’t eat food you get grumpy, you get grumpy you have a bad day and make other people have a bad day too. Therefore it is good to eat food. Thinking about how important food is makes me feel sad about all the people who can’t get food. That is why I wake up early every Thursday to go to the social action club at my school. We have such a big group now that we have to split into different groups, I’m in the homelessness and hunger group and we work to help our local food bank supply people with what they need, we also work with a group called Free the Children. Free the Children is really cool because they work very closely with youth social action groups, they come in to support us and give us ideas. I think this is really cool because they recognize the power of youth and what we can do while others may scorn us. My club has sent care packages to the Philippines. We are about to donate money to Free the Children so they can build a well in Africa, a well that is funded entirely by us. That well will provide water to an entire village so they won’t have to walk for hours to get unclean water. I think it is really important that if you are in a place of privilege that you give back to the community through some way. Even if it means dragging yourself out of bed in the early hours.


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