The Power of Youth: A Meandering Train of Thought

Food is really good. It’s good in so many different ways. It tastes good, smells good, and it fuels your body. I think food is really important because if you don’t eat food you get grumpy, you get grumpy you have a bad day and make other people have a bad day too. Therefore it is good to eat food. Thinking about how important food is makes me feel sad about all the people who can’t get food. That is why I wake up early every Thursday to go to the social action club at my school. We have such a big group now that we have to split into different groups, I’m in the homelessness and hunger group and we work to help our local food bank supply people with what they need, we also work with a group called Free the Children. Free the Children is really cool because they work very closely with youth social action groups, they come in to support us and give us ideas. I think this is really cool because they recognize the power of youth and what we can do while others may scorn us. My club has sent care packages to the Philippines. We are about to donate money to Free the Children so they can build a well in Africa, a well that is funded entirely by us. That well will provide water to an entire village so they won’t have to walk for hours to get unclean water. I think it is really important that if you are in a place of privilege that you give back to the community through some way. Even if it means dragging yourself out of bed in the early hours.


What Happens in Beowulf? An Interesting Summary

Very Interesting. I never thought of Jabberwocky like that but now that its pointed out I can definitely see it

Interesting Literature

What happens in Beowulf, the jewel in the crown of Anglo-Saxon poetry? The title of the poem is probably the most famous thing about it – that, and the fact that a monster named Grendel features at some point. But because the specific details of the story are not widely known, numerous misconceptions about the poem abound. When was Beowulf written? This is a matter of some conjecture, with guesses ranging anywhere between the eighth century and the first half of the eleventh century. Critics can’t even agree on what the first line of the poem means. The poem continues to enjoy popularity, thanks to a bestselling translation by Seamus Heaney and a translation by J. R. R. Tolkien, which was only published in 2014. We’re here to offer a brief overview of the plot of Beowulf, along with some interpretations of the poem. So, to begin, a brief…

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Routines: Changing Things Up While Still Keeping the Same Timeline

Sorry about the fact that I have not posted for several days. I was at a beach house with no internet. Actually there was internet but it cost twenty bucks to use, just shows how people try to leech money out of you. Anyway I have been thinking about a new idea that I think I’m going to try. It involves routines. I remember once a few years ago when I was at my grandmother’s house, her friend was there with her daughter… (her friends daughter that is) who has a mental disability. Anyway one thing I learned from that visit is that people with some kinds of mental disabilities have set routines for each day in how they do things. It was rather confusing for my Grandmother’s friend’s daughter to be broken out of that routine. I was thinking about routines today and I thought it might be kind of nice to have a routine, there would be so much less stress and worry because you would have everything set up. Also you would not waste as much time on lounging because you would always know what to do next. Routines seem great.

However there is one large downfall of routines, If you do the same thing every day you won’t have any variety in your life and you will get very bored. So that’s when I had the idea. What if you had a routine but you executed each step of the routine differently each day. For instance, every day you get up at seven in the morning and go for a run. But maybe you run a different route every day so things will always be new. You could also do some things the same. Wake up at the same time with the same alarm sound. Anyway I will definitely be trying this and maybe I will post again later on how it works out.

Movies: Relating to Characters

Movies are pretty fun to watch and I think there’s a prominent reason why. There is of course the general awesomeness of the characters in the movie because they do cool logic defying things but I think the real reason we like movies is because we relate to the characters in the movie. We feel their sorrow and anger. We want them to succeed and luckily, as most movies are fictional, they almost always do. If they don’t we get pretty pissed.

I am actually rushing this post a bit so I can watch a movie before going to sleep. I remembered right before starting the film that I had forgotten to write. So I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. This will also explain the smaller post today.

So next time you watch another movie think about the director tries to make you care about the characters, how do they hook you. I will definitely be thinking about this as I watch Win Win.

“Tap in to the Flow”: An Awesome Quote from an Awesome Teacher

My wrestling season is coming up and as I am hoping to be varsity for the third year in a row I have of course started to do some conditioning. One thing I think is really funny about conditioning is the state of your body and your mind. When you first start running, doing pushups, or whatever you start doing first, your mind feels sort of viscous, like honey on a cold day, your body however feels ready for anything, full of energy. As you continue to exercise though, your body grows more and more tired and sore, and for some strange reason (adrenaline?) your mind seems to broaden into an all-encompassing, omniscient, organism while your body flops about in pain and suffering. I think this is a really weird feeling because of how your mind and body flip flop.

So I guess that this thing could work out for us. Say I have writers block, I can’t think of a single thing. Maybe I could go out for a run tighten my body and release my mind, when I come back I might have all kinds of different ideas about life, the universe, and everything (42 by the way). I think that exercising puts you in an entirely different kind of mindset where you are one with the trees, the dirt, and rocks, the steady trickle of a late winter stream. I think you really start to realize things… and, as my writing teacher who suggested that I start this blog would say, “Tap in to the Flow.” Or maybe he would just say, “Groovy Babes.”

Sickness Can Lead to Happiness: An Okay Cliché

For the past few days I have been feeling under the weather. I really don’t like it when I have a cold, because it is annoying in so many different ways. First and foremost is the fact that you have to thoroughly blow your nose at least once every ten minutes, your ears are plugged, and pretty much all the holes in your head excluding your mouth (thank God) are so congested you feel like a walking coffin. Then of course you run out of tissue so your nose gets raw from so much contact with rougher toilet paper, and that leads to other things which lead to other things which all pretty much make your life harder. And colds can be the most annoying kind of sickness because you are not really exempt from anything because of your cold. If you have a fever you feel a lot worse but you don’t have to go to school, sports practice, and stuff like that. If you have a cold, not only do you have to go to these thing but you are expected to be at top performance unlike when you are injured or have something else that is considered a valid excuse.

So having a cold sucks, yeah that’s the drift. But there is hope and to give you that I’m going to pull out a cliché (hey it’s a cliché for a reason, it’s a popular constructive statement). If you were never sick or hurt, you would never know what it feels like to be healthy! So even though things might not be so great, sometime in the future  you’ll look back on this time laugh at your struggles, and think about how lucky you are to be happy in the present day.

Music: The Master of Inspiration.

I really think that music is something that drives the world on. It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you listen to- be it heavy metal or Beethoven string quartets – music soothes you, inspires you, and makes you feel great.

For example, when you watch a movie you might not even notice the music all that much. But it’s there. A little helping hand making you feel like you are on that battle field, and King Theoden is addressing his speech to you… one of his faithful riders, (yes I love LOTR). The music draws you into the movie. It tears you in half with sadness, then slams you back together with heroic deeds, chivalry, and general badassery. And the music does not let you go, no it does not. It weaves you into a mood like a weaver weaves a tapestry. Good movies have good themes. That’s why someone will pay John Williams or Howard Shores a crazy amount of money to compose a musical piece. The theme is the movie’s soul.

And then on another entirely new note, no pun intended, there is good old hillbilly music. I have played the banjo for several years and there is definite satisfaction to putting your feet up on a chair and saying ‘hell no’ to musical posture. Banjo is in that stage where you can play old folk tunes on it or you can get fancy and play some genre bending tunes from Bela Fleck who has been nominated for Grammys in the most genres of any musician in Grammy history. And he plays banjo, yes.

Anyway I would encourage you to listen to whatever kind of music you prefer and think about how much it impacts you. Maybe write to the artists and thank them for their music. Whatever you do enjoy that music and enjoy life.